Accountability Keynote Speaker, Accountability, Matthew Brandt, Accountability Cop, Leadership, Lead, Keynote Speaker, Leadership TrainingA Unique Approach!

Delivering a fast paced, often outrageously funny keynote presentation.  Matthew will have your team belly laughing, all the while being laser focused on teaching the process of the three tenants of his leadership model.  Learning to grow the ambitious of your team and rejuvenate the rest.

Matthew is an authority on identifying organizational weakness, and pointing out why your supervisors fail to use their given authority.     This inability to act reduces the organizations productivity, and your investment!  When did our leaders become so easily offended at telling the truth?

The White House!

A Navy veteran, Matthew had the distinct pleasure of serving in the Ronald Reagan White House for the President and First Lady; now with more than two decades as a street cop under his belt, he has seen it all!

A member of the National Speakers Association and Global Federation of Speakers, Matthew has presented keynotes to audiences across the U.S., in Europe and the South Pacific. What sets Matthew apart is his genuine, down to earth, common sense approach to life and business.

Street cops learn early on to separate emotion from action; that’s how they survive life on the street and Matthew will show you when presented with a decision, how to make it, move on, learn from it, and adjust. Offending co-workers and employees is not a naughty word!

Audiences relate to his real-world stories of life, family, and just how crazy people are sometimes; ask him about Cuzz’in Gus!

A Leader That Has Done It!

Today, Matthew is a senior leader that has proven his ability to cut out the emotional attachment that supervisors, managers and team-leads often fall prey to; and overcome the paralyses of analysis…or the inability to make a decision!  Matthew holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Master’s Degree in Organizational Management.

Matthew resides outside of Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Beth (all four kids have successful lives…elsewhere) and of course his cat Maryellen, Chessie a fun loving Golden Lab and Zoe a feisty Black Lab.