Accountability Cop

Matthew offers a variety of accountability keynotes and training programs tailored made for your organization, your office and more importantly for the audience in the seats.

Below are the most popular and most requested programs:

Brand New For 2019!    Creating New Leaders Program

This program is primarily for newly hired or recently promoted supervisors or those desiring to enhance their leadership skill set. The New Leaders Program participants (a two-day course) will be encouraged to explore their current understanding and assumptions about management and leadership.  They will review theories and practical exercises of leadership and better understand the impact leaders make on an organization.  As organizations have changed, so has the manner in which leaders lead.  Social interactions of employees, the relationships built between leaders and employees and the dialogue of employee accountability matter more today than ever.

Leadership Is An Ever Changing Part Of A Successful Team

The New Leaders Program Cohorts will examine their own organization to look internally for ideas, new theories and current perspectives. They will then attempt to match those to their own values and ideals relevant to their new leadership role. This will be followed up with interactive work, actionable take-aways and self-guiding leadership initiatives they can keep and reflect on at whatever level of leadership they ultimately achieve.

Interactive, Actionable and Transformational Program

The New Leaders Program Cohort includes the following work: An Orientation, Beginning The Leadership Journey, Results Are The Key, The Three A’s of Leadership, Leading Through Empowerment.

Accountability; The Dirty Laundry Of Every Organization

One of Matthew’s most requested keynote or training programs! Audiences will leave with a clear understanding of the three simple leadership tenants.

As organizational leaders or managers we often forget that we are in charge! We are leading this organization and we have the responsibility to carry out a successful program. Whether charged with a multi-million dollar sales force or providing exquisite customer service someone has to e in charge and LEAD!

The fact that you have the authority gives you free range to take the necessary action.  If you follow up with swift and accurate accountability you will quickly see effective leadership take place.

Employees  also should remember we too must follow these same three tenants.  Holding our leaders and supervisors to the same level of accountability breeds success.

You Will Offend People; That’s Ok! That’s Your Job!

This presentation gets to the root of the science behind why supervisors and leaders have an inherent trait that inhibits them from confronting and addressing poor performance in the workplace. Early on in life we are taught to be polite and compassionate towards each other. That may be the biggest problem we have.

Much like learning your native language, it’s who we are.  Internally it’s taught us how to properly fit into society. The problem arises when we confront poor performers face-to-face and we are simply too polite. Most of us are. It’s built into each of us; to be polite and compassionate. When we offend others it is difficult to overcome what is second nature to each of us.  As leaders we must overcome; or watch our team fail.

In the 30 years of work the streets and leading police officers, I’ve learned the emotional disconnect needed to make hard decisions.  Learning how to have difficult discussions with a small but influential number of employees is paramount to creating a new and productive culture.

Your team must hear this presentation!  His follow on training program is designed to provide the tools for long term success.

Sharpen Your Cleats; You Are The Reason Your Team Wins!

This presentation is based on lessons learned at the hand of my older brother Mark… A Parade Magazine High School All-American running back on our hometown football team. A national blue-chip athlete, he went on to play wide receiver and punter for Coach Ara Parseghian for the storied Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The inspiring story of a young boy, growing up in a small town.  Watching his older brother capture the hearts of our town, our state and the nation. This sudden and tragic death left our family devastated and myself wondering who the team would count on. A simple statement made by my brother has inspired a life of leading by example and finding the Why in all that we do.

We are the directors of our story, we get to write the chapters of our life’s book. They Count On Me will inspire you to sharpen your football cleats and prepare to find your Why, your life’s meaning.

Get Over It!

Matthew is on a mission to stop the world from being offended by everything said or done.  It is counter-productive to organizations, teamwork, and efficiency.    Matthew will have you barrel laughing with examples of how our daily lives and work performance is guided by this phenomena.

Being offended does nothing to you and does not stop you from working. It does not keep you from being the best that you can be every day!  GET OVER IT!  Will leave you laughing at yourself and how ridiculous we have all become at buying into being “offended”.

Who’s Driving The CAR?

Matthew has had the rare experience to be a part of the ground breaking building of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.  Standing up one of the original 22 law enforcement agencies provided experience building and setting strategic benchmarks.  Leading two Headquarters Divisions and a national region; he has narrowed the learning curve down to three simple parts.

1. Customer Service
2. Accountability
3. Refuse to Lose

The CAR effect will show you and your team, your leaders and even line level employees how to succeed.  If you perfect these three areas, success is guaranteed.  Matthew will keep the audience engaged and laughing at themselves. He will put simple solutions in their hands for immediate use upon returning to work.

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